Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Behind on the posting

Sarry....I am the worst. Unlike Karen, some days I dread writing in my blog. Mainly because I am lazy and know that once I get started I don't like to leave things out. But I don’t have all day to do this, so I’ll just give the important stuff. Like… the weekend rundown.
So on Friday evening Josh and I went to see Knocked Up. It was super funny and I love Katherine Heigel, but there was quite a bit of swearing. Josh and I are used to potty mouths because of the environments we work in, but it still hurt my ears :( It would have been a perfect romantic comedy if it was more like PG.
Saturday we went to my parents for the community yard sale. Josh and I (more like I) had a lot of clothes and junk to sell. I though it would be the perfect place to do it because it would be high traffic, but it wasn’t. I was kinda mad. We were there at like 8 am and were out until like 2 and we only made $25. I still have like TONS of stuff left and I am not sure what to do with it. I could give it away to charity. Not to sound selfish, but I was hoping to sell it so Josh and I would have money for bills. Nothing too selfish I don’t think. So yea, here are some pictures from that. My sister and brother had stuff out too. No one made a lot of money, ‘cept for my dad, who was selling more expensive things like lawn tractors and stuff…so he doesn’t count. Plus, we were all selling junk (as you can tell from the pictures) so people aren't really into that. We had a LOT of stuff, and as I look at the pictures, I feel like it doesn't do the yard sale justice :) Oh and the best picture of the day, I think, would be when I caught Josh and Mocha hanging out. Seriously, he loves the idea of a pet, I know it. Note to Josh: give up the tough guy act…you love my little rat dog.Sunday was nice. I love when it’s sunny out. So we went to church and did the whole nursery thing. I won’t lie, I have a hard time wanting to go to church when I know we have to go to nursery. It’s like “why am I getting dressed up when someone is just going to pee, mark and crawl all over my nice clothes”. Thank goodness there are some cute kids in there who, when they speak, say the funniest things. I am just looking at it like I gotta do my time. I never held a calling with kids before, so it’s my turn. I just hope its over in a “fair” amount of time…nothing like 2 years like I’ve heard some people have…I’ll purposely move in order to get out of it! Josh, I’ll even go to the valley with you if I means getting away from it a year from now. Harsh but true.
Sunday afternoon was nice. We had another Jason and Meaghan day. We decided to hit up Point Pleasant Park this time. I had lots of fun. I even visited the outhouses!I think everyone else was super tired, but they were good sports about spending the afternoon walking the trails. They were even greater when they let me snap a couple shots. I am always like “it’s for my, c’mon guys, one more. Kristi needs to see pictures, my nana loves it”. So thanks guys for humoring me.Sunday evening we went over to Kelly and Robs for dinner. It was wicked good. Rob like pulled dinner out of his bum (he didn’t know we were coming over until like 3 pm. I know I wouldn’t be able to think of something to feed everyone). We had bbq chicken and potatoes that I don’t know what he did to them but yum. Kelly let me hang out with Morgan, which gave me my baby fix, and Emma and I had a mini photo shoot. I will post those pictures when I get them.
So, that was my weekend. Wish it was longer, I have more fun on the weekends than during the week, wonder why?! Hope you all have a luscious day and stay tuned for next post…pictures of Karen, baby Georgia and myself. “Ka-ka (as known by her nieces) took me to visit Kathy and family. Yay!


Ashley said...

That was a mouth full. I love that picture of meaghan and the tree. So how's the's too bad you guys didn't sell more at the yard sale. It's hard to make lots of money unless you have high end items.
I have to totally agree with you...weekends need to be longer! They are so much better than the week days. ug...2 more days till the weekend.

Karen O'Hearon said...

That was AWESOME!! I love what you wrote about being in nursery because it is so truw...why dress up at all?! It sounds like you and josh ahd a great weekend...I love that you guys go on walks I think it's too cute and the pictures are always fun...the one of meaghan behind the tree too cute!!! I'm going to send you the pic's of Georgia now so you'll have them for your blog! Thanks for hangin out last night with us it was a blast!

Drennans said...

Awww I love the pictures! Especially the ones where you and Josh are in front of the water and the one where Meags is peaking behind the tree...just up the street from there is where Matt and I would get our ice cream!! You keep telling them I need pictures!! xoxo

chantelle brade said...

well it looks like you had an eventful weekend. Oscar left a comment about your mall question on my blog...check it out.