Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Utah #5

September 25th
So today we traveled to Cedar City, which is like a 3 hourish drive from SLC, well I think it was that long, but it seemed longer, not sure why. Maybe it was because I was super excited to be going to Bryce Canyon to see all the red rocks. In any case, we finally got there and we went to check into the hotel we had looked up online, and it was a dive, like super dive and the woman wanted to see our id’s before we even asked questions, so we were like…no way.
We decided to continue the hunt for shelter after getting back from the canyon. So we drove up and it was an awesome drive and the leaves on the trees were all yellow, which was nice, but I have to say I love all of our different colors here more. We got to take some fun pictures (in the picture above, I was sure I was going a over tea kettle into the great abiss!) and I have to say my favourite part of the day was when we got to go horseback riding. I got to pick out the horse I wanted and I was stoked, but then not so stoked when I found out that mine was lazy and didn’t want to keep up with the others and would get down on it’s knees and eat the grass, not listening to me telling him to get up and oh my! Lol. The girls kept telling me to kick him so he’d get a move on, and I tried, but he was not having any of that! It was all good tho, we had an amazing tour and got to see some great sites. I got this wicked picture of me riding into the deep blue and I asked them to take the picture and they were like “are you ready” and I was like “yup” with this big grin on my face for the camera…only realzing afterwards that I didn’t need to smile because it was a picture of my behind! Meghan (Aubrey’s sister) thought it was funny. I am a dork! So we got back down the mountains and decided to check into the Quality Inn since it had a pool and Aubrey invited boys over for her to flirt with! We had a good time in the pool and then we got hungry so we went to Denny’s and it was awesome. Mainly because I had never been to one before and because our waitress was crazy and had her guitar and started singing REM and it was funny. Hahaha, I think about it now and laugh. Wish you were there to see it. And one of the guys I met was from here in NS (guy in red sitting next to me) and it was cool because he knows Ashley and it just proves that it’s a small world after all. Especially if you’re a member! So yea, that was our night. I was tuckered out from the hiking and the riding and all, so the three of us didn’t even mind that we shared one king bed. It was awesome.


Ashley said...

Yay for a small world! George is great! I am pretty jealous of all the fun you got to have. I really like that picture of you on the horse...i can just picture you with a big Cheese on your face... too funny!

chantelle brade said...

I too can see your chessy face. I think that is one of my favorite pictures, even if it is the back side. heheheheheheh