Monday, October 15, 2007

Updating because of updating.

Lots of stuff that has been going on since I started my Utah updates, so now I am behind on that, so I'll do a quick recap.
1) Went to the beach with the Allred’s, Buxton’s and Taylor’s. It was good times with the toasty fire to keep us somewhat warm. Josh didn’t have a problem with the cold tho, he and Donny went into the water. It was darn cold! Such silly boys. I just have to post this picture because I think they look like backstreet boys don’t you think?

I would have to say my fav. part of the evening was the roasted marshmallows I got to eat. I am a huge fan, so that was great. And of course it didn’t hurt that I got to be there with some of my cool friends. Thanks for the invite Karlee!
2) Celebrated Dave's b-day at the Stag. It was like October somethingth and we got to eat on the patio. That's pretty great.

3) Thanksgiving just passed us. We got to go to my parents on Monday to eat lots of food.I tried to get a family picture out of it, but mum and dad weren’t havin’ it, so Nicole just took some dorky ones of Josh and I. We also had conference that weekend, and bonus, we got to watch it at home on our new tv. That was exciting. I think I listened more at home than I ever did at church. It was great.
4) We got to make Halloween signs at church the other evening. Mine turned out ok, but my sparkles didn’t go on like I wanted. Everyone’s signs looked super good, and we had a lot of fun doing them. But seriously, it took me like 2.5 hours to do my sign. It was nuts, but I was glad to have friends like Jo and Jes to chat with. Haha, just hit me, the 3 J's, Jo, Jes, and Julia. Hahahha, I am a dork.
5) I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOLYNNE! I am so glad that you moved up here to cold ol’ Canada. Hope it’s a good one friend.


LUJU said...

Oh I'm so glad you and Jo have so much fun together. Take good care of her for me -k-
You sure are a cute girl!

The Buxton's said...

I wont' tell Travis that you called them Backstreet Boys, he would die! LOL! Great post! I should of come for the sign paintings, I have one to do from last Christmas! :(

Drennans said...

super fun times going on and stuff. those boys totally look like backstreet boys. dorks! I just put my halloween sign up! super fun! It's my only halloween decoration. I'm not quite there yet where I can have regular fun decorations and seasonal.

...Donny & Karlee... said...

They totally look like the Backstreet Boys! That's a crack up! It looks like the posed for the picture, I love it! I need to steal a copy of that one.
Your sign looked GREAT!!!! Did you put it up yet?

chantelle brade said...

Looks like so much fun was had by all.