Friday, October 12, 2007

Utah #7

September 27th
My last day in Utah. It really hit me when I woke up that it was my last full day of fun, and that Sharee didn’t have her baby yet, which sucked. Aubrey and I knew that it was going to be mall day, as we had yet to hit up Gateway! We also hadn’t done a session at the temple either. So we got our Sunday best on and made our way (after checking to make sure it was open this time) to the SLC Temple. We did a 9 am session and it was awesome. It’s a totally different experience that everyone should try to do at least once. I had a good time, but honestly, I think I like the way we do it here better. Just a personal preference.
So after that we met up with Sharee at the Olive Garden where I wolfed down the best pasta dish ever. We totally need an OG here. No lie.
So then we went to Gateway. It was a really nice warm day which was perfect for shopping. My first store was Forever 21, which I found some really great stuff, but I think I’ll prefer shopping online to in the store, it’s crazy in there. P.S They are going to start shipping to Canada soon, yay! Then we did all the other stores that we don’t have up here. I decided that I don’t like Hollister and Abercrombie’s atmosphere. The music is WAY too loud and it’s too dark inside to appreciate the clothing on the shelves. It was more annoying that inviting, but I still bought stuff. Well for Josh, cause he likes their jeans.
We ended the day with a trip to Ben’s Cookies where they have these yummy warm cookies and ice cream and it was awesome and I couldn’t eat it all and I had milk to wash it down and it was totally fantastic and I am drooling thinking about it now. Yum. We were totally tired after our long day out, and so we picked up some Café Rio and headed over to Aubrey’s aunts house to watch the season premiere of Grey’s. It was a perfect way to end my vacation. Maxin’ and relaxin’. Just wish I had one of these love sacs to lay on all the time!


The Buxton's said...

Hi, just me again! Olive Garden and Cafe Rio in the same day? You suck!

I like the movie better than the live session also, but SLC Temple is so beautiful, especially the celestial room! Glad you got to see it!

Is this the end of the story? I'm sad!:( I really do miss home, but thanks for all the friendship we have up here with all of you to help us through!

Ashley said...

I love that love sack! I kinda want one! I am glad you had a good trip! It realy is too bad that Sharee didn't have her baby when you were there though.

The Bing's said...

A day with the Temple, Cookies, Shopping and Grey's...sound pretty darn awesome to me!!! I so want to go in the SL Temple some day, last time we were there I was too young...hopefully next time. The Love sack looks amazing...I'm sad that the trip posts are over but were glad to have you back in Nova Scotia!!!

...Donny & Karlee... said...

I just read Beckey's comment and I thought the same thing!! How funny is that??!! Olive Garden and Cafe Rio in the same day!
You've gotta just sit in a love sack to appreciate them! They are the greatest! My parents have one and I always sleep in it!
I can't believe that you missed the baby! She sure looks cute being that pregnant!
I also HATE the atmosphere in those stores! I like bright lights best!
I can't wait to go read your other posts! I'm working my way backward. I've been busy lately and haven't been able to get on!

chantelle brade said...

I too love the love sak...makes me want one.

ANd the Olive garden is also a yummy place.

I am so glad that you enjoyed Utah.

Drennans said...

sexy on that chair you are.