Thursday, October 4, 2007

Utah #2

September 22nd:
So upon waking up at Aubrey’s parents place, we ate some breakfast and decided we should plan our activities for le jour. I really really wanted to spend some money, so we knew shopping was on the agenda. However, it was raining so we knew it wasn’t going to be a Gateway day!
We settled on the University Mall, which was all good with me. Oh and before we did that we got to go to a distribution centre and it was cool. I wish we had ones around here so I didn’t have to order things and pay shipping. There was also a Deseret Books and so we went in and Aubrey bought the coolest picture ever. I wish I had taken a picture of it cause it was so nice. So yea, by the time we were done there we were hungry, so we went to this place called Noodles and Company. It was sooo yummy. Here’s a picture of that. I pretended I was super good at eating with chop sticks..but I wasn’t. So yea, then we went shopping and it was super good times. My new favourite store is Charlotte Reuss (thanks Karlee for mentioning it!) It super cheap there and I LOVE their jeans. I also bought my first ever Wonder Tees. It was the highlight of my life. I ended up bringing 4 back with me, and I want more!
After our day of shopping we decided on the Garden for dinner (in the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg) and it was awesome. I got some great pictures of the temple and the food was stellar. On our way out we decided to watch the Joseph Smith movie (the one that replaced the Testaments). Aubrey handed me a Kleenex on the way in and I was thinking “I wont need this”. Boy was I wrong. I was like a baby in there. The spirit was sooo strong. I have never felt that way before. It was intense and I was appreciative that I got to share that with Aubrey (she’s the sister missionary who taught me). Even now I am thinking about it and I just can’t explain how much it meant to be for her to be there.
So yea, after the movie I was done for the night. We made it to bed around 12, which with the time difference made it 3 am!!! WAY TO LATE. But I was having fun, so who cares! Check back later for day 3!


Drennans said...

Glad you got some wonder tee's. Aren't they fabulous? I need some new ones! Great temple shot by the way!

chantelle brade said...

I love the wonder tee's too.
I also love watching the movies that they have in the Joseph Smith memorial building. Such and enlighting experience.
do you just love the view from that resturant. Good Times, good times.

Anonymous said...

Those movies sure are tear jerkers! It is so special when you get to do stuff like that with the missionaries that taught you...Heidi was my escort when I went to the temple and that was super awesome. Glad she's such a great friend!

The Bing's said...

Okay...I guess I'm out of the loop...what's a wonder tee...fill a girl in!!! Your pictures of the temple were amazing...they look like something you'd see in a totally look like a pro with the chop sticks...can't wait for day three!!!

Ashley said...

Hey hey...i totally wish i could see that Joseph Smith Movie!
I need to get some wonder tee's as well! Wouldn't it be great to have a Distrubution center much easier!