Thursday, October 11, 2007

Utah #6

September 26th
Alright, so this morning we drove home from Cedar City and all of its shenanigans. We dropped Meghan off at her parents place and then went to Aubrey’s friend Nancy’s house for a visit. Nancy has a little boy, Zach, and he’s pretty much the funniest little man ever. He LOVES BYU and plans to go there “when he grows up”. We then met up with Melissa for lunch at the Brick Oven and it was really yummy. Tragically, I wasn’t super hungry and couldn’t eat everything I had wanted to. Darnnit! So we finished eating up there, Melissa was on her lunch break so we didn’t have all the time in the world to hang out, but it was still fun, and then we headed to the BYU Bookstore where I purchased the one thing I truly wanted, a BYU sweater (which I am wearing in the picture below, totally posing as a "y" to match the one on the mountain!)I was so stoked. I love wearing it now, like all the time, I am sure you can all attest to that. So yea, and I thought it was cool because the bookstore was also like a clothing store and it had shoes for 20 bucks and it was awesome and I want to go back now just thinking about it.
On our travels from Provo to SLC we stopped at the Provo Temple, the MTC, and Mount Timpanogas (sp?) Temple to take pictures. I really liked the Mount T one, and hope one day to do a session there.
Finally we made it back after all that side tracking (thanks to Aubrey and her excellent guide help, I was able to do plenty of touristy temple stops) and we met up with Nancy and Zach at the Olde Spaghetti Factory. It was also super yummy (I wasn’t very hungry there either, since we ate at the Brick Oven not too many hours earlier) and so Aubrey and I just split a meal. Also, we were trying to conserve our calorie intake for our trip to the Roof restaurant for the all you can eat dessert buffet, which is where we went after we finished saying our goodbyes to Nancy.
Now, I must tell you that our visit to the Roof made me feel super special. See we have a friend Jeff Van Houlten (who actually served here as well) who is the evening manager there, and so he reserved us a very special seat (the seat where they filmed the movie Charley as well as many others). Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but I wanted to get the temple all lit up, so no flash!So we got there and he seated us and told our waiter that we were VIP so it was cool. And cooler still, the King and Queen of Portugal were eating just a table over. It was crazy! Rumor is that they were in town to meet with President Hinkley, but who really knows. If they were though, I am super jealous. But yea, Aubrey and I spent some good quality time talking over 3 trips up to the buffet, each time filling out plates with some new tastes. It was insane. By the end of it we were feeling quite ill and had to be rolled to the car! Oh and there was a piano man in the restaurant taking requests and when it was someone’s b-day as they brought over the dessert he would play Happy Birthday and it was so cool.
So yea, it was awesome, and I loved looking out over the temple, and the city. It was just spectacular. It was an awesome day full of….eating mainly!


Anonymous said...

Phil and I ate there when we went to Salt Lake (when I went to get my wedding dress)'s so nice and way cool to see the temple. Nice royalty spotting too...way jealous!

Anonymous said...

I thought you guys weren't going to go to the Garden... I'm way bummed, Nate and I woulda come with!

Ashley said...

You didn't tell me it was a dessert buffet! I could have done some damage there! I didn't realize Jeff was the manager there, that's awesome you got VIP treatment!

The Bing's said...

WOW...what a view...I so want to go there sometime and eat with that've been super busy with the three new posts!!! It's awesome that you got to see Melissa in Utah and have lunch with her!!

...Donny & Karlee... said...

Mount Timpanogas Temple is where we were married!! So, it's my favorite! You should see inside! Wow!
Lots of good eating out there! I am so glad that you went to Brick Oven! That is probably my all time favorite ever! We go there all the time. And, you get so stuffed! There is just too many good things!

chantelle brade said...

That is an awesome temple.