Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hump day (I hate when people call it that, and here I am...conforming...)

Well folks. Here it is, middle of the week, thankfully. I actually shouldn’t be complaining because I took yesterday off (not really like a vacation day, more like a “I am so sick if anyone comes near me I am going to kill them” kinda day). I’d like to thank my hot husband for the sickness that he gave me, truly hunny, thanks a lot. It was not good. I am like the biggest wimp when it comes to being sick, so when I felt it coming on this past Sunday and even more on Monday, I was like, sooo upset. I whined to Josh (lucky guy) all Monday evening about not wanting to have to take Tuesday off. But, in the end, I did. Some might say “at least it was sunny” but seriously, I couldn’t enjoy it, not one little bit. First, I felt bad for having to call in sick, and then, I was so icky that when Josh decided we should go to Dairy Queen to ease my sore throat, I took like one lick and was done. I don’t think dairy is that good for a sore throat, I am almost positive I remember my mother telling me that. Josh also told me that a spoonful of honey is good for it. Not so…I had a hard time even swallowing the stuff. I almost lost all of the dry Corn Pops I had been eating all day. Not good.
It’s Wednesday now, and I am back to work. My throat is still a little sore, and my head still kinda feels like someone is stepping on it, but I am much better than yesterday.
Tragically, I only got a few pictures this week. My friend Lisa needed a drive to the airport (she's gone to visit her mummy for a week) and so Josh and I took her. Of course, her gf Pam wanted to see her off, so she got in on the goodtimes too. Here are the hotties in the back seat (I feel like shotgun is like a permanent deal when your married, so I never have to sit back there). And here we have my hot husband Josh, studying the road hard so he doesn’t get us into an accident. And a nice shot of Lisa going into security. I had my camera out, and people were looking at me like I was nuts (“why is she taking a picture of this?”, “is something special going on?” “is that someone famous?”) See, I told you, good times! Oh, and the highlight for me was when I got to buy a new pashmina. I got a pink one, which I don’t immediately regret, but am now thinking I need a black one. You can never have too many I don’t think (Karen do you have more than one?).
Other than that, nothing too big has been going on. Oh, I did have something fun happen yesterday, amidst my icky sickness. Josh was flipping thru the channels and the shopping channel had a 8500 piece scrap booking kit for sale for like 40 bucks. Now, I am not known for my scrap booking capabilities, but you wait…I will be! I am stoked. It will be here in 10 days and I am counting it down. Maybe then I’ll be able to feel like a true Mormon wife (haha, it’s gonna take a lot more than that, aren’t LDS wives like…nice to their husbands? Mmm quite a concept). So, enough talk for today (I need to get some more meds pumped in me before my head realizes that it needs a rest!) Ciao dudes.

P.S I forgot to sent out congrats to Lisa who graduated from NSCCAD this term. Good job pal! She'll be setting up a studio for her art sooner than later. I'll post that info as it becomes available. That girl has got some true talent. This picture is from her grad ceremony. Hot outfit!


Drennans said...

That sucks that you're sick. You should have taken today off too. Trust me...they don't want ya there if you're feeling sick! Excited to see the scrapbook stuff you get! You'll have to post when you do some pages up. It's funny...I was just telling grateful I'm not a scrapbooker because it costs soo much money! But sounds like you've gotten a good deal! I want a pashmina! Hey if you go back for a black one will you pick one up for me and I'll pay ya back?? I'll get it when I come home. They're only like 20$ at the airport right??

Oh and not to rub it in but maybe a little bit because it's the only thing good about Manitoba right's going to be 32 degrees today! I'm going to work out in my yard again...super fun!

The Nelson Family said...

Hey Julia.....hope that you are feeling better today. Being sick totally does the last 2 weeks of pregnancy....I think I would go for the sore throat at this point if it meant the baby coming out. Check out my blog to see the excitement in our house in the wee hours of the morning.....the fun you'll have when you have kiddies!!! Have a good one....

Karen O'Hearon said...

Hey Julia hope that your finally starting to feel have been such a good blogger lately...I need to step it up and I plan on it!! To your Pashmina question...I have purple and off white, and it's true you need more then just one, because they're a great wrap to have whenever your cold at church!! I'm so jealous about your 8500 scrapbooking kit that sounds so awesome...we'll have to scrapbook together when I live in your neighborhood!! As for our date I have not forgotten...I'm done house sitting this Sunday so we'll have to plan for sometime after that when I'm back in the city!!!

Ashley said...

So...feeling better yet? I hope so!
I cant believe you bought a pashmina and didn't get me one!;)I'll have to venture out there soon to pick one or two up.