Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Dingle berries or Dingle tower?

So I don’t know who of you have been to Dingle tower, but it’s sorta become like a “Josh and Julia” spot for us. Josh and I used to go there all the time when we were dating and he took me there the day he proposed to me. We really like walking along the path and then climbing aboard the big ol’ lions. We’ve never actually been in the tower (the hours are during the daytime and we’re more evening and night time visitors), so one day our plan is to get there when it’s open.
On Sunday evening Josh and I were feeling quite antsy and so we asked Meaghan and Jason if they wanted to go for a stroll. They had never been to Dingle so we went there. We had a nice time minus the grossness of the garbage strewn across the beach parts. It’s disgusting. It really makes you think about what we flush down the toilet and what we swim in. I am glad that the city is trying to step up with their Harbour Solutions Project (thou I don’t know if it will work like they want it to). So in the picture with Josh and I on the rocks, I realize we look dumb cause he has his arms around me and we're all "titanic" but he seriously thought I was going to fall (I'm a big girl, I totally could have handled it on my own) but he refused to let me go. So protective. Probably cause he wouldn't want to be married to some girl who got her teeth knocked out by jagged rocks and scars from the branches and more rocks. :)Meaghan and Jason, on the other hand, look like pros. They are one sexy couple!And here we are with the trademark Dingle tower picture. Why is it that in almost every picture Josh is making a face...?

So that was our outting, and it was good times in the maritimes. Thanks Meags and Jason.


Ashley said...

Yeah, I love going to the Dingle. Chad and I used to go quite a bit, but it has been a while since we were there last. We'll have to go with you guys some time soon.
PS...I will still have time to hang out with you. I will always need my married friends around for venting and advice and fun double dates!
Lots of Ashley and Jullia time in the near future!

Keah O'Hearon said...

Way fun Julia, Michael and I used to go there a lot when we lived up there and walked, man I miss that place... there is so nothing like that around BRidgewater.

Drennans said...

I feel like I'm in posting heaven! Like look at all them that you're doing!!!!!! I love seeing pictures from the Dingle...I wish I had the Dingle here! And I love seeing pictures of the Mingo's and Blakeney's being all out-sidish! Must mean the sun came out for a bit!!

Just Rhonda said...

You guys are so funny. Love the lion pictures. I could never get Reg to do that. Love the dingle too. Very cool.

Karen O'Hearon said...

Okay so I love these pictures it looks like such a fun night! I cannot wait until we live in your neighborhood!!!