Monday, May 7, 2007

And the verdict is?

So, I have figured out how to change the layout of my blog. I must say, it wasn't that hard at all! The only hard part is deciding what colors to use for stuff. I decided, for now, to go quite simple. I had tried a few other things and colors, but I couldn't make up my mind. I couldn't fit colors together was a mess.
I imagine I'll be back at it soon, I just needed to give my head a rest.
What do you all think about it now? Too boring?


Drennans said...

It looks great! Very zen and clean! It's fun to change it up. Makes you want to blog more...right!?

The Nelson Family said...

The blog looks great!! It's so much fun to play around with and so easy once you figure it out. In regards to the question on my blog...Jessica was 9'9...Sarah was 9'1 and Jake was 11'4....that's right over 11 lbs....and that is why I need to have this baby sooner then later.....the longer it's in their the more it's growing......I put on 5 lbs last week.....I'm scared to know where that went. We'll see the verdict of my appt. on Friday.....keep your fingers crossed they'll take some pity on me!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like it, it's simple. As far as crazy beacon man goes, they do intend to call the park rangers, but they did not see him. and I'm glad cause he probably would have come after them with one of his pots. The wedding is June 15th! Only a month away!!!! YIKES!