Friday, May 18, 2007

Uncle Tom

Hey all. I just wanted to write a quick post. More of an ode to my uncle, who passed away this week from a heart attack. It’s more just my thoughts on the situation, probably more for me, therapy, than for my fellow bloggers.

Tom Hanson.
The quiet uncle. Never said too much.
2 kids, 13 &16, much too young.
Loving wife, my aunt Joy.
Always ate all his supper before pouring a glass of water to wash it down.
Flower girl at their wedding.
Threw up in his car after eating a pink popsicle. Sorry.
Loved the Blue Jays and the Montreal Canadiens.
Hands on kinda guy, tradesman.
Heart attack.
6 hour drive to Woodstock NB to see relatives.
Horrible circumstances.
Funeral tomorrow, lots of tears.
Burial at the cemetery across from Nana’s house.
Next to Granpy.
Both good men.
Bye, for now.


Drennans said...

Sorry kid :( That's sad news. I'll keep ya in my prayers.