Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Cell phones and Ogres

Again, horrible blogger. It’s been a week since my last post and I feel awful. Mainly because I know Kristi has been checking and I’ve been failing her. However, I am going to try and make it up by providing you all with a wonderful array of pictures. How does that sound? Good.
So let’s see, where to begin. I suppose I could talk about the fact that I have been sick for like almost 2 weeks now. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Josh for that. He gave me his cold, and his cough. For fun, I added two ear infections. We’re talking good times here. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and she hit me up with some good ol’ antibiotics to take care of my ears. Too bad there isn’t a remedy for coughs (yea, I tried cough syrup, but I am not going to lie, it made me throw up L). Josh is finally over his cough, which kept us awake at night, and now it’s my turn. I feel so bad because I get these wicked spells at like 3 am, and I hate that it keeps us both up. Oh, and I got Joyce sick too. Well, technically it’s Josh who got her sick, but in any case, she has what I have and she’s pregnant so she can’t take all the meds like I do. What kind of friend am I?
What else can I report on…oh, Josh and I got new phones. We decided we might as well get a family plan for a couple bucks more a month. He got a cool phone that slides up to open. I got a cool one too. I tried to take pictures, but as you can see, they didn’t turn out very nice. My phone came with a kit with a memory card so that I can use it as an mp3 player. It’s super cool.It took me a bit to learn how to use it right, but I’ve got it down now. The memory card can fit like 500 songs on it, so I am thrilled. The thing I hate is that the memory card is like as small as your pinky nail and I am worried that I might loose it one day. Eeekkk. I wish I could tell you if the sound quality is as good as an iPod, but I can’t. It’s actually kinda funny, see my ears are plugged and stuff so they make everything sound weird. When people talk to me, they all sound like robots, and when I listen to music, it sounds like creepy carnival music, you know the kind you would expect to hear if you were like drugged…it’s warped. I have a hard time listening to anything because it makes me feel dizzy and tone deaf (it’s interesting to try and sing when you can’t hear the right tone!)
Um, Josh and I went to see Spiderman 3 the other day. I am not going to lie; it was the dumbest thing I ever saw. I mean, I knew going into it that it wasn’t going to be my cup of tea, but it was really just…horrible. Could be that I dislike Kirsten Dunst, and that I don’t have an imagination when it come to comic book re-creations. We did get to snap this cool picture in the theatre lobby though. Josh thought it was super fun. He wanted to send it to Jeremy who undoubtedly already saw it at some sneak preview or something. Josh was joking that he probably went to Japan to see it over there before it came here. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not into the Simpsons, I was more of a Care Bear fan, but whatever! One movie I am excited to have out is Shrek 3. I am a total Shrek fan. I loved the first one at the end for the Karaoke Swamp Party. I still know all the words to it, much to Josh’s disapproval. It’s catchy, what can I say? So, after my doctors apt. yesterday Josh and I went to MacDonald’s to catch some fast lunch and I got a Happy Meal. I opened the box and there was this little Shrek man looking back up at me. Even better, it talks! It says 3 phrases, more like 2 phrases and one burp. I was so excited. I am sure Josh was jealous, he just didn’t show it! So, this morning before I went to work, I had a little photo shoot with it, just so I had more pictures to post. I am not a loser, I promise.
Finally, last night while Josh was at work, Amanda and I hung out. It had been a long time since we got to see each other; we’re both busy little beavers, so I was glad we could fit each other in. We didn’t do anything to exciting; we went to Jack Astor’s and chatted. Here we are at our table. We had some yummy chicken appetizer things, from their new menu, and then had some pasta (the kind I always get). I was a stuffed piggy after that. Then I got to see her new apartment. It’s in a really nice new building and it’s quite big. They have ceramic flooring, laminate hardwood and carpet. The walls are a nice yellow instead of bleak white, and the kitchen is nice and open. I am thinking Josh and I might have to look into something there (though I really hate the idea of moving).
So, that is basically all that is new. Ashley and I went to the mall the other day while Josh and Chad were in a meeting. There were lots of sales at Gap Kids and I couldn’t control myself, so I bought some baby clothes. Now I am not saying they are for me, they’d make nice baby gifts, but I’d like to keep them for myself. As Kristi and Ashley and like every other girl has told me, it’s never too early to start collecting! Oh, now, before you read into this, I am NOT pregnant, nor do Josh and I plan on trying anytime soon…and by soon I mean for like years. So, let’s just squash that little possibility of a rumor right now.
Yup, that’s it, my rundown is complete. Satisfied? Or do I leave you wanting more? Wink wink.


Drennans said...

Yes I have been checking daily! Of course...I gotta know the haps!

I can't believe you're still sick! Did you stay home more like I told you too?? If you didn't you should have. And are you taking vitamin c three times a day??? Do helps break up the cough. The other thing my Mom got me...if you can somehow force yourself to choke down some cough syrup...get the no name brand stuff at sobey's that has codine in's WONDERFUL!!

Glad to see all the fun things you're up to! Keep it up. The Shrek your words...STELLAR! ;)

Anonymous said...

I thought Spiderman 3 was sooo dumb. At then end when spiderman is crying because whatever his face dies EVERYBODY in my theater laughed. Probably because it was a little over dramatic. Did you see his lips... they were going CRAZY with quivering. Sooooo retarded. I also am in the anti Kirsten Dunst fan club! It was just not a good movie.