Monday, May 28, 2007

It's been a while...i know.

So I have not been up on my posting skills lately, sorry for that. But here we are, a nice new post to start the week. The pictures are a little old. They are from our trip to NB for the funeral. Dad was driving, so he was sure to make some of it fun, even though we were going for a crappy reason. On the way up, against my will, we stopped at the silver fox and Irving Big Stop.Josh has some weird fixation with said restaurant and it grosses me out. The food is so greasy and just ick. I got the all day breakfast cause I didn’t like the sounds of anything else on the menu, and afterwards I was all like…grease ball. It was a good thing I had shot gun or I would have lost my cookies in the backseat (and I don’t mean literal cookies). So I am sitting in the front with dad, so Josh and Blake are in the backseat watching movies, and after like 2 hours I get so cranky. I can’t stand driving; I think it’s a huge waste of time and honestly would rather gnaw off my arms than go on a road trip. Seriously, hate. So back to the trip, we get there, we do the funeral thing (which was a horrible experience, I think dead people are scary and no matter what people say, they don’t look like they are sleeping) and then head home the next day. Whirlwind trip I’m telling ya. Thank goodness Josh is such a stellar guy. He was nice and caring and helpful the whole time. Plus, he put up with my crankiness, which truly is an amazing asset. He didn’t even complain when we didn’t have time to use the pool at the hotel. So, I suppose to reward him, and I suppose me too, Dad took us to Chrystal Palace (yea, we’re like 5 year olds). Josh had never been so dad and I challenged him to a game of mini-golf and then a ride on the roller coaster. Here we are on the “ship” on the course. Josh and Dad mapping the way home, and me at the helm (is that even what it’s called?).It was a nice little break in the driving time. Oh, and I suppose we went because Dad felt bad for being a jerk. He should feel bad, what he did was horribly mean. See, I am a bit of a worrier. Ever since I was little (I don’t remember doing it, but Mum tells me about it all the time) I have always been worried about running out of gas. It never mattered where we were going; I was always asking if we had enough gas to get home. Well, we left from the funeral reception to come home and Dad didn’t stop for gas before we got on the road. So we’re going, and the gas light comes on, and I am saying we should pull over and he says we’ll be fine, so we drive some more. Finally, the gas gauge is on empty and I am starting to panic, but I see an exit up ahead. So I am like, ok dad, pull in, but he keeps going…then we pass a sign that says no gas for 70 kms… I near started crying. The gas estimation thing on dad’s car said we could handle like 23 kms. I was screaming at him and Josh for telling me we’d be ok, and then I start estimating how long it will be before the gas runs out and we have to wait for a tow truck. Then I said a little prayer. I didn’t even care if it made dad brag for making it to the next exit without gas, I just wanted to get there. Thankfully, we did. Grrr. Boys are always pushing the limit. I am the type who would rather be safe than sorry. Josh is always riding on the brink of the last drop and it drives me mad! But yea, so we got home safe. So yea, the final pictures are of Josh taking Mocha for a pee break. He looks so cute with her! He always said she’s ugly, but secretly I know he thinks she’s great. She is a super dog to travel with, she doesn’t get sick or cranky or anything. Probably better to travel with her than me.

So cute eh? And that is that. I have more pictures from this week, but thats another post for another time. Perhaps tomorrow eh Kristi? Ciao.

P.S Congrats Karen and Brandon on graduating. You are some smart cookies! So proud!


Drennans said...

A new post tomorrow sounds "stellar" to me! Well that was mean about the gas thing. Matt is the opposite...he's always filling it up...we don't like the feeling of it being low either. There's nothing like the feeling of a full tank of gas. And you can remind your husband that we've been counseled to always have a full tank of gas...HELLO...emergency preparedness!!! Sorry to hear about your uncle. I'm glad you got to have a little bit of fun on the trip. I'll try to post some fatso pictures again...I haven't changed much in the past couple weeks so that's why I haven't...I'm guessing I'll have a growth spurt here soon.

Keah O'Hearon said...

Hey Julia, as promised a comment for you..and can I just say that I am also totally about the better safe than sorry when driving, Michael is totally the same way, willing to push the limit, I'm like a 1/4 of a tank of gas left and we nned to get more gas.

The Nelson Family said...

Thank you Julia for putting a smile on my face today. Needless to say as I wait for the hospital to phone me the smiles are slowly disappearing. Anyhow.....glad to see that you guys could make some fun out of trip that wasn't for fun!! It never hurts to have a good laugh. I especially love the silver fox pictures.....they gave me a good chuckle!! Hopefully I'll have some great posts of a new baby this lifetime.....the rate we are going it's going to be able to walk out of me!!!!Oh yah....I totally can relate to the gas thing .....I'm the same way!

Karen O'Hearon said...

Hey Julia...another great blog are always too cute in what you write and I love the pictures. I'm so glad that you finally have a digital!! I have to agree with you about the stress of running out of one likes to get stuck on the side of the road and have to walk to get thankyou!! By the looks of the dog pictures I think josh totally loves her, he just can't admit it now!! Thanks for the congartulations on your blog I feel way special!!! You are the best and keep those blogs coming!!!!

Ashley said...

Hey Julia, I would have to totally agree that the food at the bis stop there is so gross. I hate big stop food. My grandparents used to love it...yuck!
I'm glad you posted, but now I need to post, but I just have nothing to say. I'll try a little later, maybe after my VT tonight.

Beckey & Travis Buxton said...

Your dog is so cute! We also have a "Mocha" but she is a lot bigger (chocolate lab)....great name! Sorry about your uncle, my Grandma just passed also and funerals are not fun!