Wednesday, April 4, 2007

And...last birthday post!

Well, kids, after a few days of party hard fun for the birthday girl, it was time to hang up my cone shaped party hat. I had a wicked good time celebrating this year and am so grateful for all the friends and family who came out to party too! I thought I would leave the final pictures from my actual birthday. It was a good day, full of restaurant food and goodies. Lets start with one from the office. Joyce put this up for me, and half way thru the day I told her I was fed up explaining that the poster was for me. So, she came down and put my name on it (the white paper in the corner). Thanks Joyce, you're a superhero!

For lunch, the admin crew (well, half of us) went to Eastside Mario's. I got the linguine something or other. It was about a 7 outta 10. I was super full by the time I was done eating. I suppose it could have been the nachos we had as a starter! Oh, and the t.v was on for most the time too. We watched a little bit of Tyra and then...I don't remember, the food was there by then!
After the meal was over, they brought over this big ol' wheel for me to spin. I was worried I was going to land on the "It's Your Birthday, now help us clean the table!" Luckily, I didn't and I ended up winning a gift certificate for my next visit there. It was a great lunch. Thanks Lynds, Joyce and Kevin! Oh, and when we got back, Lynds had cupcakes and cookies waiting for us. Mmm, it was a super sweet treat! Which, by the way, is now taking up residence on my ace.
So, after work was over, Josh picked me up and we went home (I was still super full from lunch at this point). I got to open my present from him, and he did well! He got me the greatest little spring jacket as well as a new book and a case for my camera. Thanks baby! We then made our way to Swiss Chalet for supper. I got my regular quarter chicken dinner. I have to admit, I am a scaredy cat when it comes to trying new things. We also got the sun dried cheese loaf, which I love, as a starter. In the picture below, Josh is holding up his hand to show how many b-day events I had for my 23rd! Poor Josh is just jealous that I had more stuff going on for my b-day this year than he has ever had! I guess I will have to cook up something good for his special day in July.
And, more fun still, Ashley and Chad came to supper with us. I was so excited they could come. It's always fun chatting with friends while waiting for food. Thanks for coming guys!
And that, my friends, is the last of it. I hope you all enjoyed the updates! I hope all you bloggers get a chance to post soon! I love reading about your lives as well! Ciao!


Ashley said...

So, after all does it feel to be 23? I would feel pretty good if i had 5 parties! Anyway awful picture of me...I am not going to wear my hair up any more once I get it cut it looks so bad up...I should cut it too short to put in a ponytail :) ...oh that was a big joke, never going to happen!
Thanks for sharing your birthday fun with me!

Karen O'Hearon said...

I am sooooo excited that you have a digital camera now...your posts were amazing to begin with, but now they are even more fun! I love the pictures!! I'm so glad that you had an awesome birthday!!Poor little joshey, a little jealous...hahaa, Let me know what you come up with in July, I'll be there!! anyway loved the new post you are awesome gal! Oh and by the way called Laura J's and booked the date...I feel good about it, esp since I know that's where your are from! Happy Day After your Birthday!!!

Drennans said...

Sniff! I'm missing all the fun! Man seeing those pictures makes me miss working!!!! Weird! I'm miss my little Extreme life!! But now you can see why I wanted to share it with ya!!! They're good for birthday's!

The Nelson Family said...

Sounds like your birthday(s) were tons and tons of fun!!! I'm counting down the weeks(3) till mine because then I only have a month left of prego time!!!!! Looking forward to seeing lots of fun pictures on your posts now that you have joined the world of a digital camera.....they are too much fun!!!!!