Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Postin' time

Well kiddies, Easter has come and gone and all that remains is the few extra pounds that now reside on my hips. The Easter bunny was good to Josh and I (thanks mum and dad for the baskets!), and the time off was nice too. Church service on Sunday was a nice change with the choir giving a presentation for much of the first meeting. Nursery was nice as well, only 3 kids were there! Now it’s time for the week rundown (said in a deep movie trailer man voice with glitzy music in the background).
Friday: Josh had to finish this paper he had been working on for like ever, so I went to my parents place for a visit. I had planned on walking the dog, but I got there and it was snowingish so I decided to have a nap with her instead. I have been finding it hard to sleep lately because of my back (I think I'm getting old), so the nap was much needed. That evening, after Josh turned in his paper, we rented Happy Feet and ate supper together, and we weren’t in a rush or anything, it was so nice. Happy Feet started out good, but by the end of it I was bored and felt that if the power went out, I wouldn’t have been upset for missing the end of it.
Saturday: Josh and I spent the morning cleaning up, and believe me, our place needed it. We had gone I don’t know how long without doing laundry, and the dishes were piling up and there were dust bunnies the size of real bunnies (not the type of bunny I wanted to visit this Easter holiday). It was gross. So we spend a good few hours on that. Then, as Josh was getting ready for work, I poured him some soda, and I spilt it all over my newly mopped floors L I was so miffed! Then I drove Josh to work and went to get Vanessa. We hung out for the day, going to Walmart (which was a huge mistake, Bayer’s Lake is not where I want to be on a Saturday before Easter). It was super busy, and we spent most of our time in traffic. We decided to skip the mall and come home to watch a movie. We had gotten a ton of candy from the bulk barn (much to Josh’s disapproval) and it was just what I wanted! It was a good day, until it started snowing and I had to go pick Josh up from work at 9pm. I thought we were going to die. We only had our all season tires on, so we weren’t fully prepared for the winter weather (and why would we be, seeing as, I am pretty sure we all got the memo, it's spring). We did make it home safe and sound, thanks to lots of praying I think!
Sunday: Church, like I said earlier. Then we went to Josh’s parents for supper. We had a wicked turkey dinner, which we didn’t have to pay for so it made it all the better. It was nice to have Vanessa home so I had someone to talk with when Josh was off doing…actually I don’t know what he was doing, but Vanessa and I were chatting, so who cares!
Monday: Yea, that was yesterday, and it just took me a minute to remember what I did. I knew I worked…that’s always a given, but then after work we had Chad and Ashley over for a BBQ. It was nice to have a good supper, and even though it was like winter outside, it kinda felt like summer with all the good food on the inside! I took a picture of Josh and Chad’s plates. I am looking at them now, getting really hungry! I am glad I brought the leftovers for lunch today. Chad's ch-ch-ch-chicken.
This is Josh's rediculously expensive steak, which was meant for the SuperBowl, but the BBQ wasn't put together in time.

We also played crib, which Chad and I won, and then we started Scrabble. We didn’t get to finish it because mum called asking us to help with a math problem Blake brought home from school. I will leave you with it, and maybe you can figure it out! P.S He’s in grade 12, and here we all were, plenty of years out of high school, and we couldn’t get it.

Lucy decided to put $2400 away each year for 20 years. Each year, the bank gives her 4% interest on her savings. How much will she have at the end of 20 years? Good luck with that one kids! Message me, or email me, if you get it. I need the answer and the formula.


Ashley said...

Hmmmm...food. Looks good eh? How was your left overs for lunch today? I am glad that Brent couldn't figure out that question. I have been thinking about it a bit on and off all day ((i've been a litlle busy though). I'll let you know if i figure it out.

The Nelson Family said...

How I love reading your blogs. They are always so funny. In regards to the math question.....would you not just mulitiply the $2400 by 4% to get what you would make the initial year ($96) and then for the 2nd year take $2496 by 4% to get what she would make that year and do it going up to 20 years??? That's how I was thinking you would do it. Let me know what you figure out in the end!!!!

Karen O'Hearon said...

Sounds like you guys had a great easter weekend... I definitely got the official spring memo and was not impressed with the snow this weekend. I'm officially done school...so we'll have to do something soon! Hope you have a great day!!!

The Nelson Family said...

thanks for the response back.....Jeff said there is some kind of formula for it but he wasn't sure of how to do it. He thought it was something like 2400 by 20 to the exponet 4.......he just knows that their is a formula. Alot of good that is to you guys!!! Sorry couldn't be of more help........hope you figure it out soon....oh yah.....I'm due the 24th of May.....43 days....