Wednesday, April 4, 2007

More Pictures

So, here we are, Some pictures from my birthday supper at the parent's place. It was a super time. Mum made a good supper and a yummy cake. Yea, it's like I am still 5! I love it!

So, here is a picture of my cool supper. As you can see, I am not a fan of one food touching another food. I think it's gross. Thank goodness we had separate holders for the corn! Also, in case you didn't know, Pepsi and I are lovers! Sorry Josh! Also, you can tell that I love my new camera, seeing as I am taking pictures of everything!
This is my husband cheating on me with my mother! Yea, and just so you know, both Nicole and Josh actually licked mum's face. It was gross, and she loved it!

My mummy and I have our differences, mainly because we are both so darn hot we don't know what to do with ourselves! She wouldn't let me lick her face though :(
I love my daddy, and my dog. She is the cutest little thing ever, as you can see below!
She's a model! Actually, she was looking up, hoping that my dad would drop some food on the floor!So, after supper, obviously, it was cake time! Mum always makes my favourite one, Angel Food cake. She puts this wicked lemon stuff on it and fresh strawberries and I just love it.And, I'll have you know, I blew them all out in one breath! Yay.
Now, after the Saturday birthday with my friends, and the Sunday supper with my parents, you think I would be all partied out, but, NO! In the next post, I'll put up some pictures from my actual birthday...April 3rd!!!