Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I deserve a slap on the hand

Ok, ok. You can all point at me…I am the worst blogger this week. Normally I try and post at least once a week, but I’ve failed this past one. I have a good excuse though. I’ve been really busy at work, which isn’t a bad thing, seeing as it makes the days go by so much faster. I have been faithfully checking everyone elses blog though. Thank goodness some of us keep up! Kristi, I wanted to thank you for posting pictures of Hunter. I was wondering when someone would (knowing it probably wouldn’t be Tanya). Ashley, you finally updated us, much appreciated. As for Karen, thank goodness you post, often. I wouldn’t know what to do with my morning if I wasn’t reading your up to the day wedding information (ok, maybe not everyday, but more often than myself).
So, I was going to do my weekly rundown, but I don’t remember all that has happened, so I am just gonna blabber on and as I remember one thing, I am sure it’ll lead to another.
I am going to start with Sunday (that’s where all the pictures are coming from this week). Josh and I went to church and helped in Nursery for about an hour. Then I was like “enough is enough” and decided to take the last hour off from that (we were the couple of the week to have the Sunday off to go to our classes). Well, we didn’t actually go. It was super nice out and so Josh and I sat out on the sidewalk. I did manage to get a cute little picture of Josh and one of the little kids (Emmy) from Nursery. She is the cutest eh?

They both have suckers in their mouth, and I am pretty sure Josh drooled more than Emmy did!
Sunday evening we had Meaghan, Jason and Kellie over for the much anticipated bbq rib night. It was awesome. Josh did a nice job on the bbq and we had enough food to feed the block (thanks “neighbours” for bringing goodies).
We had a nice time chatting, and took a few funny pictures as you can see. Meags idea. The first one wasn't so much funny, but we were just trying to work the timer...kinda blurry. The other ones, Meags said it'd be a fetching good time to have cross eyes while trying to look normal...nice!
Jason and Josh: are those your "normal faces?"I have to apologize now, but I can’t write anymore. My back is killing me here, sitting in this “ergonomic” chair that seems to be doing diddly squat for me. I have to get up and walk it off. Anyone have and ideas on how to get rid of back pain? I am taking a muscle relaxant at night and putting heat on it…still not so good.

Oh, and side note, the answer to my brother’s math questions is this:

FV = [A * (1+r)^n - 1]/r
Answer is : 2400* (1.04)^20 - 1 /(.04) = 71467.38

Thanks to all who tried. Obviously Blake, like us, wont be needing this anytime in the future…not sure why they teach that stuff….


Drennans said...

OOOH THANK GOODNESS!! I've been dying here!!! I know work can get busy but don't you know I'm in Manitoba and NEED to be updated on your life! I mean holy moly! Ha ha ha! Good post! The bbq food looks yummy! Makes me hungry! And the pictures are funny...sorta disturbing but funny! So are you sitting in my old chair. The "really expensive one"?? Because that chair killed me. Hence why I had the pillow in behind my back. The best way to help your back is to go to a chiropractor and get one of those back support cusions for work chairs. Joyce may let you get work to buy one. I was going to see if I could get one but figured I wouldn't be there for long and they couldn't really justify buying something new for me. That's my suggestion. Also I had to do a lot of stretches, neck ones, and get up a lot. But I gotta say...running up and down the stairs in your heels...for sure is NOT helpin! Even going to a chiropractor would help a lot! I'd wait until you're covered but get Lyndsay and Darren to tell you about Dr.Doug. He's AWESOME and he changed the way I take care of myself. He ROCKS! And he's really really close to where you live! LATA!

The Nelson Family said...

Finally a new post.....I've been waiting!!! I love reading your blogs.....they are always so entertaining.....I hope you have checked mine out with the 3 pawed cat. Thanks for posting that math answer.....who would ever use that in real life?? I think they just find ways to make things more difficult in life!!!! I totally recommend the chiropractor.....Jeff has gone when he's had problems and it's done wonders for him. Tell Josh the food looked awesome.... makes me want some ribs now.....too bad it's going to be pasta tonight. Hope you can rest up and feel better.....tell that man of yours to give you a good back rub!!!!!

Karen O'Hearon said...

I am so excited that you finally have new post, even when you think you are just blabbering on it's always an awesome post!! I especially loved the pictures, a blog is never complete without a picture so I appreciate that so much...are you loving having a digital camera or what!! I don't know about the back pain, but if anyone gives you a good idea let me know mine is always killing me...when I bend down at work I have to hold my back and try to get up like an old's quite sad!! So let me know what suggestions you get! Anyway we need to hangout sometime soon other then work and wedding plans I'm pretty much free!! Thanks for the new [ost's awesome!!